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About Hua Hin


Hua Hin is one of the most popular beach city in Thailand, the authentic relaxing places. It is a historic city with the age of more than 100+ years. The charm of Hua Hin is that it has many good spots, famous seaside places, and mountain view points like all in one city which make Hua Hin is a must visit place. Hua Hin is a tourist attraction, but it still isn’t crowded. The main activities that people love to do here are enjoying by the beach, sunbathing, horse riding, reading, eating by the beach and also listening some classic music.

The desire of people who want to live in Hua Hin has increased even in the period of economic recession. The current price of the land has increased for 30% while the price of the house has increased for 50% in 3 years. This is exactly a good time for you to get a new condo.

Hua Hin City is located not far from Bangkok. It is very convenience to travel and the cost of living here is not expensive if compared to Phuket. So, Hua Hin is a paradise city for everyone who want to have a good life.